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Permanent Exhibits

The test of a car’s ability to travel long distances at (for the time) high speeds played a significant role in early automotive marketing. Most... Read More
There was active organized racing throughout the U.S. prior to WWI. Venues such as Santa Monica, CA, Savannah, GA, Elgin, IL, and the Vanderbilt Cup... Read More
The first serious attempt to revive sports car racing in the U.S. after WWII was at Watkins Glen, NY in 1948. Here the cars lined... Read More
In Utah, the remains of a prehistoric lake left a flat surface that is perfect for high speeds. This competition is not side-by-side, but against... Read More
Racing on public roads was common in Europe, but discouraged in England. In fact a speed limit of 20mph was in force in the country... Read More
Commonly we use the measurement “0-60” to show the time duration to reach that velocity from a standing start. Timed trials were popular in England... Read More
Popular in England, hill climbs were the test of a car’s pulling ability and its speed and power. A driver with one or more passengers... Read More
The Nürburgring opened in 1927, the same year that Mercedes and Benz joined brands. They, along with many others would find fame on the legendary... Read More
In 1906, Vincenzo Florio devised a race through the hills of Sicily. Sports Car racing had become popular in Italy and the Targa Florio was... Read More
The Mille Miglia (“Thousand Miles”) started in 1927 and was one of the most popular races in Europe. The cars left from Brescia on the... Read More
At a distance of over one thousand miles, the Mille Miglia was a difficult race to finish, much less win. Cars would run out of... Read More
A match race is a dual between two competitors for monetary gain or bragging rights. Such competition is seen in drag racing, or the more... Read More
While Watkins Glen brought sports car racing back to the U.S., it was the Sebring 12-hour race that brought international racing to the States. Russian... Read More
The object of rallying is to reach certain points at specific times to become the overall winner. They hold rallies on a wide variety of... Read More
The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the most prestigious endurance sports car race in the world. Until 1970, the drivers would run across the... Read More
Here we honor the few American cars that seriously competed at Le Mans. Stutz, duPont, and later the Cunningham made strong efforts to win but... Read More
Each of the five cars here, from the major competing countries, was the actual winner in the races shown in the wreaths. Each car represents... Read More
Sporty cars are those built for enjoyment on public roads. In this exhibit, we show the evolution and development of the sporty car from 1912... Read More

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About the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Located in Philadelphia, PA, the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum is one of the world’s greatest collections of racing sports cars. Through our theme, “The Spirit of Competition”, we celebrate the history and evolution of these magnificent machines.

Assembled over 50 years by Dr. Frederick Simeone, the Museum contains over 75 historically significant cars including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Mercedes, Jaguar, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin, Corvette, Ford, and more.

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