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Why Charge? – CTEK Battery Charging Technology Seminar

Did you know that:

– Most car batteries only deliver half their useful service life?

– Using an inexpensive trickle charger could be the worst thing for a car battery?

– Today’s car batteries need regular charge maintenance with a smart charger?

These and other questions will be answered in a technical seminar, “Why Charge?,” to be delivered by Tony Zeal, global training manager for CTEK, the Swedish manufacturer of smart chargers. We use CTEK chargers here at the museum and think you might find what Tony has to share illuminating.

Also, he will be giving away a CTEK charger, a CTEK Battery Sense unit that allows you to check your battery condition on a smart phone, and a CTEK backpack to some lucky attendees. The event is free with museum admission.

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