Celebrating the Spirit of Competition

The Future is Now

Our newest exhibition, “The Future is Now” taking place from April 28-May 13, 2018 is a look at automotive technology once considered to be science fiction. We’re bringing together some of the most advanced automobiles currently in production or utilizing new concepts that will soon be available on the market. All the cars taking part  are brimming with some of the latest and greatest innovations including hybrid technology, touch screens, navigation systems, hands-free voice communication systems, object detection systems, radar, heads-up displays and advanced batteries.

Featured cars include

2018 Tesla Model 3

2018 Genesis G80 Sport

2018 Lexus LC 500 H or SC 500 H

2016 Rutgers University Formula Racer RFR16

2014 McLaren P1

2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition

2014 Entropy Racing EVSR

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport

2016 Villanova University VU08 Racer

Check back for soon for photos and updates!