Celebrating the Spirit of Competition

Grace visits the Simeone Museum

GRACE is an Austin Healey 100 purchased in a derelict state from eBay suffering from deleterious rust and poor oil pressure. Her owner was given a near death sentence from his oncologist but a few stalwart members of his local car club decided to inspire him by using this unlikely candidate complete a coast-to-coast-to-coast drive to prove that sometimes the impossible is possible, given hope, faith, and random acts of kindness of strangers and friends.



During her cross-country mission, Grace provided a ride to her first child afflicted with cancer, just one of the 25,000 kids who would ultimately spend time with her. Along the way, she accrued some 75,000 signatures placed on her body to honor inspire friends and family stricken with cancer or other illnesses, as well as a host of the photographs, mementos, and keepsakes given throughout her travels for almost 3 years, covering more than 350,000 miles visiting children and their families across United States. Without proper weather equipment, nevertheless Grace with the help of hundreds of strangers, continued her quest.

For this reason she is an ideal example of our theme, The Spirit of Competition.

Grace will be here for at least a month, so come visit her and add your signature (if you can find a clear place to sign).