Celebrating the Spirit of Competition

Best of Britain 2018

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum once will again present the “Best of Britain” this winter from February 17 through March 4. The event will feature “Forgotten Fiberglass Racers”.

Over a dozen rare, unusual and beautiful sports and racing cars manufactured in England will be displayed throughout the duration of the exhibition. Out of the many cars graciously submitted for consideration from individual collectors throughout the country, these 13 well represent not only the “Best of Britain” but also the exhibitions “Forgotten Fiberglass Racers” theme.

1956 Mistral SR2

1956 Turner 803

1958 Devin Special Sports Racer

1959 Triumph Peerless

1960 Daimler SP250

1961 Ginetta G4

1962 Lotus 23B

1962 TVR Grantura MK3

1964 Elva MK7S

1964 Lotus Elan

1967 Marcos GT

1969 Mirage M2

1972 Chevron B21