Celebrating the Spirit of Competition

2018 Motorcycle Exhibition

The Simeone Foundation Auto Museum’s annual Motorcycle Exhibition is celebrating it’s 10th year!  Our 2018 show promises to be bigger and better than ever. Join us from Saturday, August 18 – Friday, September 7, as we showcase over 40 different historic bikes spanning over 90 years in three distinct themes.

Indian Motorcycles 1902 to 1953 –  Indian Motorcycles have a long, proud history as not only one of America’s oldest manufacturers, but as one of most beloved. After bringing many firsts to the industry, Indian dominated racing in the days of board track racing. In the 1920s and 30s Indian brought to market a well-engineered four-cylinder, luxury motorcycle in addition to the Sport Scout and Chief models. Years later rival motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson had out-maneuvered Indian as a war supplier and things began to come undone when the last big v-twin Chief rolled out the door in 1953.

Italian Motorcycles 1938 to 1988 – Italian Motorcycles have always had a unique feel about them. From their look, to their sound, and their ride, are all as unique as the regions in which they were developed. From the humble Cucciolo to the fabulous Moto Guzzi V-8 grand prix motorcycles, Italian motorcycles have consistently been known for both their flare and innovative technology.

Hyper-Performance Motorcycles 1970 to 1993 – Superbikes offer performance that sets new standards for their time while altering their respective playing field. In the modern era, motorcycles like the legendary Honda CB750, the Kawasaki Z1, the Munch Mammoth, the BMW R90S defined performance in their day. From the turbo-assisted bikes of the 1980s to the sexy Ducati 916 of the 1990s, Superbikes are known to define their era’s outer performance envelope with ease.

If August is too long a wait, stop by The Simeone today. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary we are going to be displaying Burt Munro’s record-setting 1920 Indian Scout, AKA the “World’s Fastest Indian,”  through the end of the exhibit.

You can find a list of bikes taking part by visiting here.

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