Celebrating the Spirit of Competition

Preparing the Alfa Romeo 2900B MM for a Private Demonstration

In Early February, our Mille Milglia winning Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B MM was brought out for a private demonstration run. The Museum’s Curator Kevin Kelly and our team ace volunteers checked over and prepared the car, and “Shiny Bob” Goldstein was on hand to make sure the car was looking its best.

Frequent visitors to the Museum will no doubt recognize “Shiny” Bob Goldstein, one of our longest tenured volunteers and a real fixture at the Museum. Bob is always there for all of our events and is sworn to protect the museum and its contents against his mortal enemies: fingerprints and dust.

As you might imagine, it’s no small feat to keep 65 cars running in top condition and ready to spring to life on short notice. Having an awesome team of volunteers makes it all possible and so much more fun. Have you ever thought about Becoming a Volunteer? Check out this page to find out more information. It’s a great time.

Please enjoy a few pictures of the preparations: