Celebrating the Spirit of Competition

Preparations for the Art of the Sports Car Demo Day

Kevin Kelly, Kenny Sitko and John Longbottom are busy getting the cars ready for this weekend’s Demo Day, “The Art of the Sports Car”. We will feature the Squire Roadster, Auburn 851 Boat Tail Speedster, Ferrari 365 P “Tre Posti” Berlinetta Speciale, and Hudson Convertible.

Our museum is not a place where cars sit and rot from neglect. Each car in our collection has to be maintained and ready to go on very short notice, especially for our Demo Days. Kevin Kelly and his team of faithful Volunteers make it all possible. They make sure that the cars are running smoothly so that we can put on the best show possible for our fans and guests.

With these great people, light atmosphere and awesome cars, it is always a fun time here. Would you like to find out how to Become a Volunteer? Check out this page to find out more information. You’ll be glad you did!

Kenny Sitko looks over the Squire, about to start fueling.

Kenny Sitko & John Longbottom fuel the Squire

Kevin Kelly preps the Squire. Note fire extinguisher. Clearly, this is a man who knows British cars.

Firing up the twin-cam supercharged Squire.

The Squire is primed and cranking nicely.

Kevin gives the Squire his blessing. It's all ready to go.

Kenny Sitko filling the tires on the Ferrari 365P. There's plenty of "hot air" in this picture!

Kevin Kelly changing the fuel filter on the Auburn.

Auburn checklist: change fuel filter, top-up brake reservoir, check oil, add fuel and install battery.

Because Ab Jenkins says so.

Centrifugal supercharged straight eight of the Auburn