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The Tucker: Insight from the Tucker Family, Owners and Preservationists

March 30 @ 12:00 pm 2:00 pm

Please join us from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm on March 30, 2019 for a special showing of the vehicle and a presentation The Tucker: Insight from the Tucker Family, Owners and Preservationists.

America was captivated by Preston Thomas Tucker. It was June of 1947 and Tucker had just unveiled his “Car of Tomorrow,” the Tucker 48. Correspondence was pouring in by the truckload to the Tucker factory in Chicago from people trying to find out how they could get their hands on a Tucker. From the car’s third headlight that turned with the wheels to its rear horizontally opposed six-cylinder helicopter engine, it was everything that post-war America wanted. The big three were absolutely terrified, so they turned to the only thing they knew that could stop him.Together with the SEC, they wrapped Tucker up in so much government red tape that when the dust settled the Tucker Corporation was dead.Only 51 Tucker 48’s were ever produced, 47 of which still exist today.Tucker later tried to revive his automotive pursuits in Brazil with a vehicle called the Carioca, but that project also died with him in December of 1956.

“Watch for me and the new Tucker car. One of these days we’ll be rolling down the highway and the head of every motorist will be turned admiring in our direction. That Tucker car will be the answer to an American Dream. I never gave up. I never will.”

-Preston Tucker

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum is proud to welcome Tucker 1044, the 44th of the original 51 Tucker 48’s. The vehicle was recently restored by the team at Ida Automotive along with the Tucker family. It is believed to be the most historically accurate Tucker in existence. Great care was taken during its recent restoration to ensure it was returned to the same condition as when it left the factory on November 4th, 1948.

The presentation will include information on Preston Tucker’s life, details of the 51 Tucker 48’s and the Tucker Corporation, several in-depth first-person accounts of the Tucker 1044 preservation project, and a look into the future of the team’s next Tucker project, the Tucker Carioca.Following a demonstration run of Tucker 1044, there will be a book-signing of the 40-page hardbound coffee book “The Restoration of Tucker 1044.”

Participants include:

John R. Tucker Jr., Mike Tucker, and Sean Tucker – Descendants of Preston Tucker and members of the Tucker 1044 preservation team.

Howard Kroplick – Author and Town Historian of North Hempstead, Howard is the current owner of several vintage automobiles including Tucker 1044, 1937 Chrysler’s Chrysler, 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car and the 1909 Alco Black Beast.

Rob Ida, Bob Ida, Russ Montelbano, and Arthur Zygnerski – Rob and Bob are owners of Ida Automotive; the four were members of the Tucker 1044 preservation team.

Mark Lieberman – President of Nostalgic Motoring, LTD and noted expert in the preservation and restoration of Tucker automobiles. Mark was a previous owner of Tucker 1044 and has owned four other Tucker 48’s.

“Don’t let a Tucker pass you by!”

$8 – $12
6825-31 Norwitch Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19153 United States

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