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Research Library at The Simeone Foundation

Research Library Services Adds New Facilities

The Simeone Foundation research library is one of the largest automotive specialized libraries in the world and is pleased to announce the addition of new facilities to our research library. With periodicals, photographs, and in particular factory produced literature, our research library offers a wide variety of research materials for the automotive historian, restorer, and constructor. In addition, background information on specific cars for auction houses and writers is available for reproduction and dispersal.

Library Collections Categories Include

• Sales literature and other factory produced material, 1892 to present of over 1700 different makes of cars represented.

• Photographs, from all eras, 1900 and up. In particular, racing photographs organized into American and European venues.

• Our extensive image collection contains over 1000 portrait photographs of racing drivers and automotive personnel.

• Periodicals of American and foreign magazines dating back to the turn-of-the-century.


On-Site Research and State of the Art Digital Services

Reading Room

The Simeone Foundation Reading Room is the first stop before entering our archives. It features state of the art high DPI scanning and digital archiving equipment. Additionally, it houses a full suite of film to digital assets capable of processing old films, negatives, tapes and photo archives.

Correspondence Files

Research Station

Restoration and Preservation Station

Historic Periodic Files

Interior Library Collection Entrance

Specialized Literature Collection

Historic File Room

How Can We  Help?

Our in-house research library staff are able to assist with the reproduction of images and provide you customized research solutions. Since our collection is complex, it requires personal communication that may require additional follow-up to accommodate specific requests. Do you require assistance or have a question?  Please take a moment to fill out this form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Curator’s Note

Mass digitization of magazines to date has proven ineffective because there is no indexing process with each magazine, therefore rendering the digitized subject inaccessible. The use of Optical Character Recognition has not proven effective in isolating data, and material and images and articles with OCR programs are generally degraded to a smaller DPI. Because we handle each request individually, we are able to provide a higher level of personalized service and subject scrutiny.