Celebrating the Spirit of Competition

The Automotive Hippocratic Oath

“Do no harm to historically accurate artifacts.”

A paradigm shift. This overused term refers to a different way of thinking which, significantly in this case, can alter one’s behavior. If we accept the fact that as human beings acknowledgement, recognition, praise, rewards or even adulation govern our lives (the spirit of competition) then the shift might be to reward the car owner for preservation, not perfection.

Up until recently, recognition was awarded for cosmetic perfection, sometimes destroying originality in the process. Why not reward the stewardship for preserving a car; for find just the right car; for going to the extra lengths to keep as much of it intact as possible; to make it a benchmark item rather than a quest for 100 points.

The balance between originality and perfection could be attained if one realizes that while cosmetic perfection is very difficult to achieve, historic perfection is even more elusive and, therefore, the latter is more desirable.