Celebrating the Spirit of Competition

About Us

Competition is indispensable to progress.

– John Stuart Mill

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum and to share with you a display of racing sports cars I have been collecting since I was a young man.

Living organisms, fighting for survival, adapt to the demands of their environment. The strongest pass on their superior genes to future generations. In the competition between the species, the fittest indeed do survive.

The same is true with many inanimate objects. There are few illustrations of the effects of competition as dramatic, and beautiful, as the evolution of the racing sports car. This is the theme of our exhibition. Here you can learn how racing improves the breed. You can see the evolution of the race car as the result of seven decades of the “spirit of competition.”

We have rotating exhibits that further illustrate the spirit of competition. Plus, we regularly take cars out of the museum onto our 3-acre lot in back for Demonstration Days. Please sign up on our Home Page to receive our email newsletter so that we can inform you of upcoming events.

I hope you enjoy this exhibition, find it educational, and will come back to visit us often.

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