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The Greatest Threat to the Lives of Teenagers is Automobile Crashes!

During my 43 years as a neurosurgeon in Philadelphia we would work for hours to try to eradicate rare pediatric diseases.

Yet, about 8 teens die each day and one is injured nearly every two minutes in a preventable automobile crash. While communicating with the survivors I learned that driver error, inexperience, and lack of awareness of the risks of operating an automobile were to blame.


Crashes and fatalities among teenage drivers have increased in the past two years! I am committed now, more than ever, to driver education of youngsters. There is no greater heart break than the loss of a loved one or to care for a youngster robbed of a normal life due to paralyzation or brain injury.

Help us prepare today’s teens for the road. Our programs will be provided free to schoolchildren throughout the Delaware Valley.



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