Celebrating the Spirit of Competition

Calling All Teachers

Free Teacher Admission

Free Teacher Admission

How’s this for a cool special during the hot summer? We’re offering free teacher admission to the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum all summer long (June 26,2017-September 4, 2017).

Rather than staying home, check out the new educational opportunities at the Simeone Museum. Our recently created education department has programs, content, and activities that connect students to the past. Our new educational materials make learning about the automobile fun and exciting.

The Experience Of a Lifetime

Come see 75 of the most prestigious, renowned, and successful historic sports racing cars in the world. With undeniable pedigrees and often understated beauty through design, many of our cars are the automotive equivalent to paintings like the Mona Lisa. The museum’s vast racing sports car collection showcases “The Spirit of Competition”, the drive to build a better and faster racecar. Follow the evolution of the automobile from 1907-1975 as each car fought to become better than it’s predecessor.

A New Paradigm

Consider this point – automobiles have effected society in unimaginable ways rarely seen in other technological advancements. Even still, we know that it’s often difficult to find a tangible connection to the development of the car. Because of this, over the last several months, our education department has been working to develop material that teachers can use to connect their students to the automobile and 20th-centuryy society.  Now the Simeone Museum has finally made this connection easier. At last, we can help you make teaching about the 20th century just a little bit easier.

Ready to Help You

Stop by and talk with us to see what we can do for you as a teacher. While you are at it, learn about the lesson plans, worksheets, power points, and tours are available to help you. We want to help you educate your students about the automobile and the 20th century. Don’t make it hard on yourself, let us do the work for you, by building a complete package from introductory lesson to tour to follow-up lesson. Don’t you want to give your students an experience that will always be remembered and never duplicated?

Teachers must present work or vocational identification, showing an active teaching status, to the front desk.  If you need more information, ask to speak with Rick Adams, Director of Education.


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