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1980s Performance? YES!

Dust off your parachute pants and lace up your Air Jordans because this summer The Simeone Foundation Auto Museum is throwing it back to the 80s with our new exhibition “1980s Performance? – YES!” There is a common misconception that the phrase 80s Performance is a bit of an oxymoron but we are out to prove that’s not entirely true. We are looking for your help in making our case. Does your car have “The Right Stuff?” We’re now taking submissions and they are not limited to “Members Only!” Mark your calendars – it’s happening this summer from June 23 – July 8.

Although open to all high performance cars from the 80s, we would love to show the following autos.

  • Chevrolet – Z-28 IROC Camaro, Z-28 Camaro , Corvette (tuners, Callaway, Lingerfelter, etc.)
  • Ford – Mustang GT (tuners, Saleen), SVO Mustang, Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
  • Mazda – RX-7
  • Toyota – Corolla GTS
  • Dodge/Plymouth  – Omni GLH, Omni GLHS, Shelby Omni GLHS, Shelby Charger, Shelby Dakota Pickup

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